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DateNameLocationType# PlayersResults
9/24/2023Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CACollins4View Results
9/24/2023Monthly Bay Area TournamentRedwood City CANWL8View Results
9/2/202332nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - NWLPortland, ORNWL50View Results
9/2/202332nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - CollinsPortland, ORCollins14View Results
9/1/202332nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - Early Bird - NWLPortland, ORNWL28View Results
9/1/202332nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Tournament - Early Bird - CollinsPortland, ORCollins12View Results
8/27/2023Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL6View Results
8/27/2023Twin Cities Summer Tournament - SundayEagan, MNNWL32View Results
8/27/2023Monthly Bay Area Tournament -- CollinsRedwood City CACollins4View Results
8/27/2023Twin Cities Summer Tournament CSW - SundayEagan, MNCollins4View Results
8/26/2023Twin Cities Summer Tournament - SaturdayEagan, MNNWL36View Results
8/26/2023Twin Cities Summer Tournament CSW- SaturdayEagan, MNCollins4View Results
8/19/2023Flower City Cup - NWLBrampton, ONNWL32View Results
8/19/2023Flower City Cup - CSWBrampton, ONCollins16View Results
8/19/2023Orange County Scrabble Tournaments -- 3Dana Point CANWL16View Results
8/18/2023Orange County Scrabble Tournaments -- 2Dana Point CANWL16View Results
8/17/2023Orange County Scrabble Tournaments -- 1Dana Point CANWL16View Results
8/5/2023Summer in VancouverNorth Vancouver, BCNWL12View Results
7/23/2023Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL5View Results
6/30/2023Word Cup 2023 - NWLAlbany, NYNWL190View Results
6/30/2023Word Cup 2023 - CollinsAlbany, NYCollins53View Results
6/30/2023Word Cup 2023, Early Bird 2 -- NWLAlbany, NYNWL64View Results
6/30/2023Word Cup 2023, Early Bird 2 -- CollinsAlbany, NYCollins20View Results
6/29/2023Word Cup 2023, Early Bird 1 -- NWLAlbany, NYNWL39View Results
6/29/2023Word Cup 2023, Early Bird 1 -- CollinsAlbany, NYCollins4View Results
6/25/2023Big Island WGPO Tour - Mini 3 - CSWNaalehu, HICollins5View Results
6/25/2023Big Island WGPO Tour - Mini 3Naalehu, HINWL4View Results
6/24/2023Big Island WGPO Tour - Mini 2 - CSWNaalehu, HICollins5View Results
6/24/2023Big Island WGPO Tour - Mini 2Naalehu, HINWL6View Results
6/22/2023Big Island Tour - Mini 1 CSWPahala, HICollins4View Results
6/22/2023Big Island Tour - Mini 1Pahala, HINWL4View Results
6/19/2023Big Island WGPO Tour - Main EventKailua-KonaNWL12View Results
6/18/2023Bay Area Monthly Tournament - Div 1Redwood City CANWL4View Results
6/18/2023Bay Area Monthly Tournament - Div 2Redwood City CANWL7View Results
6/10/2023Vancouver -- TWLNorth Vancouver, BCNWL21View Results
5/27/2023WGPO South Regional -- NWLColumbia SCNWL37View Results
5/28/2023One Day Fun DayMonona, WINWL8View Results
5/21/2023Bay Area Monthly Tournament - CollinsRedwood City CACollins4View Results
5/21/2023Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL4View Results
5/14/2023Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IANWL21View Results
5/13/2023Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IANWL19View Results
4/30/2023Bay Area Monthly Tournament -- CSWRedwood City CACollins6View Results
4/30/2023Bay Area Monthly Tournament -- NWL Div 2Redwood City CANWL7View Results
4/30/2023Bay Area Monthly Tournament -- NWL Div 1Redwood City CANWL4View Results
4/29/20232023 Sioux Falls Scrabble Tournament #27Sioux Falls, South DakotaNWL21View Results
4/15/2023Springtime Words -- CollinsMill Valley CACollins7View Results
4/15/2023Springtime Words -- NWLMill Valley CANWL8View Results
4/2/2023To Live and Scrabble in L.A.Los Angeles CA -- DowntownNWL12View Results
4/1/2023Calgary Spring TournamentCalgary, AB, CANNWL13View Results
3/26/2023Bay Area Monthly Tournament - CollinsRedwood City CACollins4View Results
3/26/2023Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL10View Results
3/25/2023Scrabble Players TournamentLake Oswego (Near Portland) ORNWL10View Results
3/18/2023Greeneye 4 - NWLMinneapolis, MNNWL27View Results
2/25/2023SCRABBLE PLAYERS TOURNAMENTLake Oswego Oregon (near Portland)NWL6View Results
2/26/2023Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL14View Results
2/18/2023WGPO West Regional (annual Van Rand tournament) -- NWLPhoenix AZNWL57View Results
2/18/2023WGPO West Regional (annual Van Rand tournament) -- CollinsPhoenix AZCollins14View Results
1/29/2023Canter's World Famous Deli -- NWLLos Angeles CANWL20View Results
1/28/2023Oregon City Scrabble Players TournamentOregon City, OR (near Portland)NWL14View Results
1/22/2023Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL12View Results
1/14/2023Crescent City Cup - CollinsDrury Plaza Hotel New OrleansCollins34View Results
1/14/2023Crescent City CupDrury Plaza Hotel New OrleansNWL70View Results
12/30/2022One day tournament, Day 3Palm Springs CANWL7View Results
12/29/2022One day tournament, Day 2Palm Springs CANWL7View Results
12/28/2022One day tournament, Day 1Palm Springs CANWL5View Results
12/18/2022Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL8View Results
11/20/2022Lake Oswego Friendsgiving Pot LuckLake Oswego, OR (Near Portland)NWL10View Results
11/20/2022Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL6View Results
11/11/2022WGPO Midwest Regional -- CollinsMadison WICollins12View Results
11/11/2022WGPO Midwest Regional -- TWLMadison WINWL50View Results
10/15/2022Las Vegas Fall Scrabble Tournament - CollinsLas Vegas NVCollins8View Results
10/15/2022Las Vegas Fall Scrabble Tournament -- TWLLas Vegas NVNWL58View Results
10/9/2022Bay Area Monthly TournamentRedwood City CANWL9View Results
9/30/20228th Canadian OpenCalgary, AB, CANNWL18View Results
9/25/2022Fall Scrabble Tournament — 7 RoundVancouver WA (Portland Area)NWL7View Results
9/25/2022Fall Scrabble Tournament — 6 roundVancouver WA (Portland Area)NWL8View Results
9/18/2022Bay Area Monthly Tournament - Division BRedwood City CANWL7View Results
9/18/2022Sunday Scrabble Tournament - Division ARedwood City CANWL4View Results
8/27/2022Summer Outdoor Scrabble TournamentMoraga CANWL10View Results
8/17/2022The 50 Late BirdRio RanchoNWL6View Results
8/12/2022The 50 Games InvitationalAlbuquerque, NMNWL13View Results
7/9/2022Word Cup 10 - CollinsChicagoland - West SuburbsCollins71View Results
7/9/2022Word Cup 10Chicagoland - West SuburbsNWL137View Results
7/8/2022Word Cup 10 - Early Bird - CollinsChicagoland - West SuburbsCollins14View Results
7/8/2022Word Cup 10 - Early BirdChicagoland - West SuburbsNWL41View Results
6/24/2022Mini-Maine TourneyCastine, MENWL6View Results
6/19/20225th Annual Scrabble and Baseball Road TripSturbridge MANWL14View Results
6/18/2022Summer TournamentCalgary, AB, CANNWL14View Results
6/12/2022West LA Al Fresco IILos Angeles CANWL16View Results
6/5/2022First Sunday -- TWLSan Jose CANWL8View Results
6/4/2022Castine Tournament - CollinsCastine MECollins6View Results
6/4/2022Castine Tournament - TWLCastine MENWL8View Results
6/4/2022June at the SaloonLaguna Woods CANWL20View Results
6/3/2022Castine Tournament - Early Bird -- TWLCastine MENWL10View Results
6/3/2022Castine Tournament - Early Bird -- CollinsCastine MECollins4View Results
5/14/2022WPGO South Florida TournamentFort Lauderdale FloridaNWL16View Results
4/30/2022Transatlantic Scrabble CruiseFt. LauderdaleNWL14View Results
5/14/2022Springtime in IowaDecorah, IANWL12View Results
4/30/2022Calgary Spring TournamentCalgary, AB, CANNWL15View Results
3/19/2022Greeneye III - CollinsBloomington, MNCollins10View Results
3/19/2022Greeneye IIIBloomington, MNNWL23View Results
3/13/2022Scrabble Division BMenlo Park CANWL8View Results
3/13/2022Scrabble Division AMenlo Park CANWL7View Results
2/19/202237th Annual Phoenix Tournament - CollinsPhoenix AZCollins10View Results
2/19/202237th Annual Phoenix Tournament - TWLPhoenix AZNWL54View Results
2/6/2022Calgary February TournamentCalgary, AB, CANNWL16View Results
1/17/2022West LA Al FrescoLos Angeles CaliforniaNWL12View Results
1/16/2022Sunshine SundayOakland Park, FLNWL6View Results
1/15/2022Sunshine SaturdayOakland Park, FLNWL6View Results
12/30/2021Sextuple in the Desert - Day 6Palm Springs CANWL8View Results
12/29/2021Sextuple in the Desert - Day 5Palm Springs CANWL10View Results
12/28/2021Sextuple in the Desert - Day 4Palm Springs CANWL16View Results
12/27/2021Sextuple in the Desert - Day 3Palm Springs CANWL16View Results
12/26/2021Sextuple in the Desert - Day 2Palm Springs CANWL10View Results
12/25/2021Sextuple in the Desert - Day 1Palm Springs CANWL9View Results
12/12/2021North Bay Scrabble - CollinsMill Valley CACollins6View Results
12/12/2021North Bay Scrabble -- TWLMill Valley CANWL12View Results
11/21/2021November TournamentCalgary, ABNWL21View Results
11/14/2021Fall Scrabble TournamentLake Oswego ORNWL16View Results
10/3/2021First Sunday Scrabble TournamentMenlo Park CANWL14View Results
9/25/2021Minneapolis One DayMinneapolis, MNNWL14View Results
9/13/20214th Annual Baseball and Scrabble Road TripGeneva-on-the-Lake OHNWL12View Results
8/13/202129th Annual Silicon Valley ClassicCampbell CANWL18View Results
8/13/202129th Annual Silicon Valley Classic (Collins)Campbell CACollins6View Results
7/31/2021Summertime Tiny TourneyDecorah, IANWL12View Results
7/3/2021Return to Scrabble TournamentSan Jose CANWL14View Results
6/19/2021Return to Scrabble TournamentMenlo Park, CANWL10View Results
2/25/2020Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL14View Results
2/15/2020Palmetto Upstate ClassicGreenville, SCNWL30View Results
1/18/2020Scrabble VietnamVietnam, Philippines, Hong KongNWL8View Results
1/28/2020Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL8View Results
1/18/202036th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix,AZCollins10View Results
1/18/202036th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix,AZNWL53View Results
1/17/202036th Annual PhoenixPhoenix, AZCollins6View Results
1/17/202036th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix, AZNWL24View Results
1/11/2020Loveland Single-Day TournamentLoveland,CONWL23View Results
12/29/2019Tempe Winter One-Days 2019 SundayTempe, AZNWL10View Results
12/28/2019Tempe Winter One-Days 2019Tempe, AZNWL8View Results
12/17/2019Next to Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL10View Results
12/8/2019Winter Wonderland Of WordsLong Beach, CANWL36View Results
11/26/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL6View Results
11/23/2019Monumental Scrabble 2019Colorado Springs, CONWL24View Results
10/25/2019Panama Canal cruiseMiami, FL to San Diego, CANWL12View Results
11/2/2019Dells Spells Southern EditionMadison, WICollins10View Results
11/2/2019Dells Spells Southern EditionMadison, WINWL29View Results
11/1/2019Dells Spells Southern Edition Early BirdMadison, WINWL20View Results
10/29/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL8View Results
10/19/2019WGPO Returns to RenoReno, NVNWL34View Results
10/18/2019WGPO Returns to Reno -- Early BirdReno, NVNWL20View Results
9/29/2019Goodbye to SeptemberPortland, ORNWL14View Results
9/28/2019Loveland Single-Day TourneyLoveland, CONWL29View Results
9/28/2019Tempe Fall One-Day TournamentTempe, AZNWL18View Results
9/24/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL8View Results
9/21/2019Harvest of Words in Wine Country IISanta Rosa, CANWL8View Results
9/8/2019Long Beach Late Summer ClassicLong BeachNWL46View Results
8/31/2019Labor Day Weekend Main EventPortland, ORCollins8View Results
8/31/2019Labor Day Weekend Main EventPortland, ORNWL36View Results
8/30/2019Labor Day Weekend Early BirdPortland, ORNWL20View Results
8/27/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL10View Results
8/11/2019Ireland and IcelandSouthampton, EnglandNWL8View Results
8/18/2019Words by the BayMill Valley, CACollins4View Results
8/18/2019Words by the BayMill Valley, CANWL11View Results
8/17/2019Fun in the ValleyHappy Valley, ORNWL8View Results
8/3/2019The One Hundred GamesSanta Fe, NMNWL20View Results
7/30/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL10View Results
7/20/2019Word Cup 2019Coral Gables/Miami, FLNWL100View Results
7/20/2019Word Cup 9 CollinsCoral Gables, FLCollins16View Results
7/19/2019Collins Word Cup Early BirdCoral Gables, FLCollins10View Results
7/19/2019Word Cup 9 Early BirdCoral Gables, FLNWL24View Results
7/7/2019July at Ruth'sLake Oswego, ORNWL12View Results
6/25/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
6/23/2019Words in Wine Country IISanta RosaNWL12View Results
6/14/2019Summer at Scott'sLake Oswego, ORNWL12View Results
6/2/2019June Scrabble CollinsEagan, MNCollins4View Results
6/2/2019June ScrabbleEagan, MNNWL17View Results
6/2/2019Word Cup 9 Warm UpLong Beach, CANWL39View Results
6/1/2019June ScrabbleEagan, MNNWL21View Results
6/1/2019June Scrabble CollinsEagan, MNCollins4View Results
5/28/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
5/25/2019Sixth Annual Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CACollins8View Results
5/25/2019Sixth Annual Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CANWL14View Results
5/18/2019Third Annual Baseball and Scrabble Road TripLouisville, KYNWL10View Results
5/18/2019Loveland Single-Day TourneyLoveland, CONWL26View Results
5/12/2019Mother's Day in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CANWL10View Results
5/10/2019May PlayLake Oswego, ORNWL8View Results
5/4/2019Four Corners ScrabbleDurango, CONWL24View Results
5/5/2019Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IANWL22View Results
5/4/2019Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IANWL21View Results
4/30/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
4/20/2019FriendsviewNewberg, ORNWL12View Results
4/13/2019National Scrabble Day Scrabble TournamentCheyenne, WYNWL17View Results
3/18/2019Best of IndiaAbu Dhabi to SingaporeNWL20View Results
3/30/2019Mill Valley Spring BreakMill Valley, CACollins4View Results
3/30/2019Mill Valley Spring BreakMill Valley, CANWL12View Results
3/26/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
3/22/2019Springtime in Oregon CityOregon City, ORNWL9View Results
3/16/2019GreeneyeBloomington, MNNWL36View Results
3/2/2019Fort Lauderdale GamesFort Lauderdale, FLNWL18View Results
2/26/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL10View Results
2/16/201935th Annual Phoenix tournament - CollinsPhoenix, AZCollins10View Results
2/16/201935th Annual Phoenix tournamentPhoenix, AZNWL75View Results
2/3/2019FebruaryLake Oswego, ORNWL10View Results
1/20/2019Western Caribbean ScrabbleFort Lauderdale, FLNWL10View Results
1/29/2019Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL6View Results
1/20/2019Long Beach Winter TournamentLong Beach, CaliforniaNWL24View Results
1/12/2019Loveland Single-Day TourneyLovelandNWL26View Results
12/30/2018Tempe Winter One-DaysTempe, AZNWL18View Results
12/27/2018Bridging the GapEnglewood, NJCollins6View Results
12/29/2018Tempe Winter One-DaysTempe, AZNWL8View Results
12/27/2018Holiday SpecialLake Oswego, ORNWL12View Results
12/18/2018Next to Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
12/15/2018Boca Games - CollinsBoca Raton, FLCollins6View Results
12/15/2018Boca GamesBoca Raton, FLNWL16View Results
12/15/2018December One DayMonona, WINWL8View Results
11/30/2018Friday SpecialWest Linn, ORNWL14View Results
11/27/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL10View Results
11/25/2018Long Beach Turkey ShootLong Beach, CANWL30View Results
11/17/2018Monumental ScrabbleMonument, CONWL24View Results
11/18/2018Mill Valley Pre-Thanksgiving BashMill Valley, CACollins4View Results
11/18/2018Mill Valley Pre-Thanksgiving BashMill Valley, CANWL12View Results
11/10/2018Twin Cities One Day TourneyEagan, MinnesotaNWL12View Results
11/10/2018Twin Cities One Day TourneyEagan, MinnesotaCollins4View Results
10/30/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL14View Results
10/13/2018Wisconsin Dells South MainMadison, WINWL30View Results
9/30/2018Japanese Explorer CruiseJapanNWL12View Results
10/12/2018Wisconsin Dells South EBMadison, WINWL18View Results
9/29/2018Loveland Single-Day TourneyLovelandNWL25View Results
9/25/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
9/23/2018Autumn Scrabble - TWL3Lake Oswego, OregonNWL14View Results
9/23/2018Tempe Fall One-Day TournamentTempe, AZNWL16View Results
9/23/2018Tempe Fall One-Day Collins DivisionTempe, AZCollins4View Results
9/22/2018Harvest of Words in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CANWL14View Results
9/15/2018Boca GamesBoca Raton, FLNWL16View Results
9/15/2018Boca Games - CollinsBoca Raton, FLCollins6View Results
9/1/2018Portland, Oregon Main Event CollinsPortland, OregonCollins8View Results
9/1/2018Portland, Oregon Main Event TWL3Portland, ORNWL47View Results
8/31/2018Portland, Oregon Early BirdPortland, ORNWL32View Results
8/28/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL14View Results
8/20/2018Evening of ScrabbleDecorah, IANWL4View Results
8/18/2018Twin Cities AugustTwin Cities, MNNWL30View Results
8/5/2018Scrabble Campout - SundayRegina, NMNWL10View Results
8/4/2018Scrabble Campout - SaturdayRegina, NMNWL10View Results
7/31/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
7/7/2018Word Cup 8 TWL3Burbank CANWL88View Results
7/7/2018Word Cup 8 CollinsBurbank CACollins10View Results
7/7/2018Word Cup Night BirdBurbank, CACollins8View Results
6/26/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
6/8/2018Italy and Greek Isles cruiseItaly and Greek IslesNWL12View Results
6/18/2018Castine Late Bird CollinsCastine, MaineCollins4View Results
6/16/2018Castine Main EventCastine, MaineNWL6View Results
6/16/2018Words in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CACollins4View Results
6/16/2018Words in Wine CountrySanta Rosa, CANWL14View Results
6/15/2018Castine EarlyBirdCastine, MaineNWL6View Results
6/2/2018Madison Summer TourneyMadison, WINWL19View Results
6/2/2018June 2nd Scrabble TournamentDelray Beach, FLCollins4View Results
6/2/2018June 2nd Scrabble TournamentDelray Beach, FLNWL14View Results
5/26/2018Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CACollins6View Results
5/26/2018Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CANWL26View Results
5/19/2018Loveland Single-Day TourneyLoveland, CONWL30View Results
5/6/2018Springtime in Iowa - SundayDecorah, IANWL28View Results
5/5/2018Springtime in Iowa - SaturdayDecorah, IANWL28View Results
4/24/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL14View Results
4/19/2018Scrabble and Baseball Road TripLancaster PANWL12View Results
4/7/2018Miami to Lisbon CruiseAzamara QuestNWL12View Results
4/15/20182018 Spring Tile FlingLong Beach Bridge Club Long Beach, CANWL48View Results
3/27/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL16View Results
3/9/2018Cuba cruiseCubaNWL8View Results
3/17/2018GREENEYE# 2018La Crosse/Onalaska, WisconsinNWL30View Results
3/3/2018Fort Lauderdale GamesFort LauderdaleCollins4View Results
3/3/2018Fort Lauderdale GamesFort LauderdaleNWL14View Results
2/27/2018Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
2/17/2018Phoenix Collins Main EventPhoenix, AZCollins8View Results
2/17/201834th Annual Phoenix Main EventPhoenix, AZNWL80View Results
2/16/201834th Annual Phoenix Early BirdPhoenix, AZNWL36View Results
1/27/2018United We ScrabbleOrlando, FLCollins20View Results
1/14/2018Los Angeles Winter GamesLos Angeles, CANWL38View Results
1/13/2018Loveland Single-Day TourneyLoveland, CONWL23View Results
1/6/2018Fort Lauderdale GamesFort LauderdaleCollins6View Results
1/6/2018Fort Lauderdale GamesFort LauderdaleNWL26View Results
1/6/2018La Crosse 2018La Crosse WisconsinNWL17View Results
12/26/2017Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL8View Results
12/2/2017Southern CaribbeanRCCL- Anthem of the SeasNWL8View Results
12/2/2017Twin Cities Fall TournamentNew Brighton, MinnesotaNWL23View Results
12/2/2017Twin Cities Fall CollinsNew Brighton, MinnesotaCollins6View Results
11/28/2017Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL10View Results
11/18/2017Monumental Scrabble TournamentMonument, CoNWL23View Results
11/9/2017Grand Canyon 36Grand Canyon South RimNWL75View Results
10/28/201734th Annual Dells Spell Tournament (Southern Edition)Middleton, WINWL26View Results
10/24/2017Next to Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL10View Results
10/8/2017Winter Haven CollinsWinter Haven, FLCollins6View Results
10/8/2017Long Beach Fall TourneyLong Beach, CANWL35View Results
10/8/2017Tempe One-Day TourneyTempe, AZNWL16View Results
9/25/2017GRITS VIIIGarden City Beach, SCNWL14View Results
9/26/2017Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL8View Results
9/24/2017GRITS VIII - EBGarden City Beach, SCNWL6View Results
9/16/2017NCSC & Denver & Boulder Scrabble TourneyLoveland, CONWL24View Results
9/2/2017Labor Day WeekendPortland, OregonCollins8View Results
9/2/2017Labor Day WeekendPortland, OregonNWL48View Results
9/1/2017Labor Day Weekend Early BirdPortland, OregonNWL24View Results
9/1/2017Labor Day Weekend Early BirdPortland, OregonCollins6View Results
8/29/2017Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL12View Results
8/19/2017Durham CollinsDurhamCollins4View Results
8/12/2017Appleton One DayAppleton, WINWL18View Results
7/29/2017Word Cup 2017 - Springfield, MASpringfield Monarch Place Hotel, MANWL79View Results
7/29/2017Word Cup 7 - Springfield, MASpringfield Monarch Place Hotel, MACollins14View Results
7/28/2017Word Cup 7 Early Bird - Springfield, MASpringfield Monarch Place Hotel, MANWL26View Results
7/25/2017Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL10View Results
7/17/2017Baseball Late BirdDurham NCNWL4View Results
7/14/2017Scrabble and Baseball Road TripAtlanta GA to Durham NCNWL8View Results
7/8/2017Party and Scrabble at David's HouseWhite Lake, MINWL16View Results
7/8/2017Summer at Scott'sLake Oswego, OregonNWL12View Results
7/2/2017Long Beach GamesLong BeachNWL36View Results
6/18/2017Baltic SeaScandinavia/RussiaNWL14View Results
6/27/2017Club 42 Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL22View Results
6/26/2017Scrabble in the Barn - LatebirdBenzoniaNWL4View Results
6/24/2017Scrabble in the BarnBenzonia, MINWL5View Results
6/16/2017Madison Summer TourneyMadison, WINWL28View Results
5/30/2017Last Tuesday TourneyBridge Center of the Twin Cities, Nicollet & 60th SouthNWL18View Results
5/21/2017Let's PLAY one DAY in MAYTwin Cities, MNNWL15View Results
5/20/2017NCSC & Denver & Boulder Scrabble TourneyLoveland, CONWL26View Results
5/14/2017Merry MayWest Linn, OregonNWL12View Results
5/6/2017Fourth Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial Main EventCampbell, CANWL47View Results
5/7/2017Springtime in Decorah - SundayDecorah, IANWL14View Results
5/6/2017Springtime in Decorah - SaturdayDecorah, IANWL16View Results
5/5/2017Fourth Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial Early BirdCampbell, CANWL28View Results
4/25/2017Last Tuesday TourneyTwin Cities, MNNWL24View Results
4/15/2017Malibu CollinsMalibu, CACollins4View Results
4/7/2017Danube river waltz - Viking cruiseDanube riverNWL8View Results
4/9/2017Monrovia CA GamesMonroviaNWL40View Results
4/8/2017April in PortlandPortland, OregonNWL16View Results
3/28/2017Club 42 Last Tuesday TourneyMinneapolis, MNNWL16View Results
2/18/201733rd Annual Phoenix Main EventPhoenix, AZNWL72View Results
2/17/201733rd Annual Phoenix Early BirdPhoenix, AZNWL38View Results
2/11/2017February FunLake Oswego, OregonNWL14View Results
2/5/2017Collins on the CoastStuart, FLCollins5View Results
2/4/2017Collins on the CoastStuart, FLCollins7View Results
1/14/2017PinkeyeTwin Cities, MNNWL18View Results
1/14/2017RedeyeTwin Cities, MNNWL26View Results
1/14/2017NCSC Denver Boulder TourneyLoveland TournamentNWL24View Results
1/8/2017Monrovia Winter TournamentMonroviaNWL40View Results
12/11/2016Pizza in DecemberWest Linn, OregonNWL10View Results
12/3/2016December Scrabble - CollinsTwin Cities, MNCollins4View Results
12/3/2016December ScrabbleTwin Cities, MNNWL29View Results
11/19/2016Monument-al Inaugural Scrabble TournamentMonument, CONWL25View Results
11/12/2016Tournament TimeMadison, WINWL14View Results
11/11/2016Veterans Day Word CompetitionLaguna Woods, CaliforniaNWL20View Results
10/22/2016ScrabbleQuerqueAlbuquerque, NMNWL32View Results
10/21/2016ScrabbleQuerque EBAlbuquerque, NMNWL16View Results
10/9/2016Marin County One-DayCorte Madera, CANWL22View Results
9/26/2016GRITS VIIGarden City Beach, SCNWL18View Results
10/1/2016Phoenix One Day2544 W. Mesquite Street, ChandlerNWL10View Results
9/9/2016London, Paris & MontrealAzamara QuestNWL18View Results
9/25/2016Monrovia One DayMonrovia, CANWL44View Results
9/24/2016Dells Spell Main EventWisconsin Dells, WINWL25View Results
9/23/2016Dells Spell Early BirdWisconsin Dells, WINWL8View Results
9/17/2016Northern Colorado & Denver/Boulder Scrabble TournamentLoveland, CONWL25View Results
9/3/2016Labor Day WeekendPortland, OregonNWL30View Results
8/14/2016Lake Oswego Summer TourneyLake Oswego, OregonNWL12View Results
8/3/2016Word Cup 2016 - WJ2/TWL3 Late BirdPhoenix, AZNWL24View Results
7/30/2016Word Cup 2016- WJ2/TWL3 Main EventPhoenix, AZNWL88View Results
7/2/2016Summer Reno 2016Reno, NevadaNWL22View Results
6/19/2016Cineast Women's TournamentCastine, MaineNWL16View Results
6/12/2016Viking Cruises Rhine GetawayAmsterdam to SwitzerlandNWL10View Results
6/12/2016Ought or Aught TournamentWhite Lake, MINWL10View Results
6/12/2016Battle in the Burbs #3Warrington, PANWL8View Results
6/10/2016Madison Summer Tourney CollinsMadison WICollins8View Results
6/10/2016Madison Summer TourneyMadison WINWL34View Results
6/11/2016Battle in the Burbs #3Lansdale, PANWL8View Results
6/5/2016Monrovia Summer TournamentMonrovia, CANWL38View Results
5/28/20163rd Annual Lester Schonbrun Memorial TournamentCampbell, CANWL40View Results
5/22/2016MaytimeWest Linn, OregonNWL8View Results
5/22/2016Battle in the Burbs #2Lansdale, PANWL10View Results
5/21/2016Northern Colorado & Denver/Boulder Scrabble TournamentLoveland, CoNWL26View Results
5/15/2016Tempe One-Day TournamentTempe, AZNWL22View Results
5/15/2016Springtime in Decorah - SundayDecorah, IANWL16View Results
5/14/2016Springtime in Decorah - SaturdayDecorah, IANWL13View Results
4/17/2016KING OF PRUSSIA #1Uncanny, King of Prussia Mall, PANWL6View Results
4/3/2016Springtime at Round TablePortland, OregonNWL12View Results
4/2/2016Twin Cities Spring ScrabbleTwin Cities, MNNWL38View Results
4/2/2016Twin Cities Spring Scrabble - CollinsTwin Cities, MNCollins4View Results
3/19/2016Phoenix One DayPhoenix, AZNWL12View Results
3/12/2016MonroviaMonrovia, CANWL32View Results
2/14/2016Antarctic cruiseCelebrity InfinityNWL8View Results
2/28/2016Durham Double #1Durham, NCCollins5View Results
2/28/2016Durham Double #1Durham, NCNWL10View Results
2/27/2016Durham Double #1Durham, NCCollins4View Results
2/27/2016Durham Double #1Durham, NCNWL6View Results
2/13/2016Phoenix 2016 Main EventDoubleTree-Hilton Phoenix- TempeNWL78View Results
2/12/2016Phoenix 2016 Early BirdDoubleTree-Hilton Phoenix- TempeNWL39View Results
1/23/2016Loveland Scrabble TournamentLoveland, CONWL20View Results
1/16/2016Super Scrabble™Laguna Woods, CASuper Scrabble26View Results
1/16/2016Reno MLK 2016Reno, NVNWL18View Results
1/16/2016REDEYE TournamentBloomington, MNNWL20View Results
1/16/2016PINKEYE TournamentBloomington, MNNWL41View Results
1/10/2016Monrovia, CA One DayMonrovia, CANWL49View Results
12/26/2015Collins in Cincy #1CincinnatiCollins6View Results
12/6/2015DecemberPortland, ORNWL10View Results
11/28/2015Collins in Cleveland #3Kent, OHCollins6View Results
11/21/2015Charlottesville, VACharlottesville, VACollins4View Results
11/22/2015SalemSalem, OregonNWL15View Results
11/21/2015Bloomington Fall TourneyBloomington, MNCollins6View Results
11/21/2015Bloomington Fall TourneyBloomington, MNNWL34View Results
11/21/2015Charlottesville VACharlottesville, VANWL7View Results
10/17/2015Dells Spell Main EventWisconsin Dells, WINWL37View Results
10/17/2015Dells Spell Collins EventWisconsin Dells, WICollins4View Results
10/16/2015Dells Spell Early BirdWisconsin Dells, WINWL10View Results
10/10/2015Phoenix One DayPhoenix, AZNWL20View Results
9/28/2015GRITS VIGarden City Beach, SCNWL16View Results
9/24/2015Roseville CSWLa Casita, Roseville, MNCollins6View Results
9/5/2015Word Cup V - Main EventPortland, ORNWL110View Results
9/6/2015Word Cup V - Sunday SpeedPortland, ORBlitz22View Results
9/4/2015Word Cup V - Early BirdPortland, ORNWL28View Results
8/23/2015Mill Valley One-DayMill Valley, CANWL16View Results
8/16/2015Iowa Summertime - SundayDecorah, IANWL8View Results
8/15/2015Iowa Summertime - SaturdayDecorah, IANWL12View Results
8/14/2015Iowa Summertime - FridayDecorah, IANWL10View Results
7/25/2015Northern Colorado & Denver/Boulder ClubsLoveland, CONWL24View Results
7/25/2015SummertimeLake Oswego, ORNWL10View Results
7/10/2015Madison Summer Tourney TWLMadison, WINWL46View Results
7/4/20152015 Reno SummerReno, NVNWL28View Results
6/27/2015Tempe One-Day TournamentTempe, AZNWL22View Results
5/30/2015Berkeley CSWBerkeley, CACollins4View Results
5/23/20152nd Annual Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CANWL33View Results
5/16/2015Lake Oswego Lake Oswego OregonNWL10View Results
4/18/2015Albuquerque - Rio RanchoRio Rancho, NMNWL12View Results
4/11/2015Charlottesville - TWLPanera, Charlottesville, VANWL6View Results
4/12/2015Portland PizzaPortland, ORNWL13View Results
3/29/2015New Words Nerds Takeova DecorahDecorah, IANWL10View Results
3/28/2015New Words Nerds Across La CrosseLa Crosse, WINWL15View Results
3/28/2015Spring In TigardTigard, OregonNWL12View Results
3/21/2015Loveland Scrabble TournamentLoveland, CONWL30View Results
3/13/2015Great Grandson of a Beach Blanket BingoIndiatlantic, FLNWL26View Results
3/7/2015Columbia - CSWPanera, Columbia, MDCollins4View Results
2/14/2015Phoenix 2015 Main EventPhoenix-Tempe DoubleTree by HiltNWL74View Results
2/13/2015Phoenix 2015 Early BirdPhoenix-Tempe DoubleTree by HiltNWL50View Results
2/7/2015Columbia - CSWPanera, Columbia, MDCollins6View Results
1/25/2015Cleveland - CSWPanera, Wadsworth, OHCollins4View Results
1/24/2015Cleveland - CSWPanera, Wadsworth, OHCollins4View Results
1/25/2015January ClearanceLake Oswego OregonNWL14View Results
1/17/2015Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NVNWL30View Results
1/17/201510th Annual Redeye TournamentBloomington, MNNWL30View Results
1/16/2015Reno MLK - EBReno, NVNWL14View Results
12/30/2014Malibu CSWMalibuCollins4View Results
12/14/2014West Linn in DecemberWest Linn, OregonNWL14View Results
12/14/2014Charlottesville - CSWCharlottesville, VACollins6View Results
12/13/2014Charlottesville - TWLCharlottesville, VANWL6View Results
12/13/2014Charlottesville - CSWCharlottesville, VACollins4View Results
12/12/2014Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Late BirdCabo San Lucas, MexicoNWL14View Results
12/8/2014Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Main EventCabo San Lucas, MexicoNWL20View Results
12/7/2014Cabo San Lucas 2014 - Early BirdCabo San Lucas, MexicoNWL14View Results
11/28/2014Madison TourneyMadison, WINWL8View Results
11/15/2014West LinnWest Linn, OregonNWL16View Results
10/27/2014Spanish Transatlantic CruiseBarcelona, SpainNWL26View Results
11/9/2014Cambridge CSWCambridge, MACollins4View Results
11/8/2014Minnesota vs Wisconsin Border BattleDecorah, IANWL22View Results
11/8/2014Loveland Scrabble TournamentLoveland, CONWL21View Results
11/8/2014Cambridge CSWCambridge, MACollins5View Results
10/19/2014HaywardHayward, CANWL13View Results
10/11/201431st Annual Dells Spell Tournament - Main EventWisconsin Dells, WINWL46View Results
10/11/201431st Annual Dells Spell Tournament - CollinsWisconsin Dells, WICollins5View Results
10/10/201431st Annual Dells Spell Tournament - Early BirdWisconsin Dells, WINWL10View Results
9/27/2014Phoenix One DayChris Ridge VillageNWL23View Results
9/22/2014GRITS VSurfside Beach, SCNWL16View Results
9/1/201425th Anniversary Portland, OR Late BirdPortland, ORNWL16View Results
8/30/201425th Anniversary Portland, OR Main EventPortland, ORNWL53View Results
8/29/201425th Anniversary Portland, OR Early BirdPortland, ORNWL22View Results
8/22/2014Alaska Sawyer Glacier CruiseSeattle, WANWL10View Results
8/17/2014Mill ValleyMill Valley, CANWL18View Results
8/2/20142014 WGPO Word Cup Main EventMadison, WINWL100View Results
8/2/20142014 WGPO Word Cup CollinsMadison, WICollins8View Results
8/1/20142014 WGPO Word Cup Early BirdMadison, WINWL24View Results
7/13/2014Denver Area TourneyBroomfield, CONWL20View Results
7/4/2014West Coast Championship - Main EventReno, NVNWL30View Results
7/3/2014West Coast Championship - EB EventReno, NVNWL16View Results
7/2/2014West Coast Championship - EB Action EventReno, NVBlitz8View Results
6/29/2014Summer SundayLake Oswego, OregonNWL18View Results
6/14/2014Tempe Club 10th AnniversaryTempe, AZNWL14View Results
5/24/2014Lester Schonbrun MemorialCampbell, CANWL39View Results
4/11/2014Transpacific CruiseSydney, AustraliaNWL12View Results
4/19/2014April in PortlandPortland OregonNWL14View Results
4/19/2014Madison TourneyMadison, WINWL16View Results
4/12/2014Loveland, COLoveland, CONWL21View Results
3/29/2014Twin Cities, MNBloomington, MNNWL33View Results
3/29/2014Twin Cities, MNBloomington, MNCollins6View Results
2/28/2014Grandson of a Beach Blanket BingoIndiatlantic, FLNWL10View Results
2/15/2014Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Main EventPhoenix, AZNWL92View Results
2/14/2014Phoenix 30th Anniversary Tournament - Early BirdPhoenix, AZNWL46View Results
1/26/2014January ClearanceLake Oswego, ORNWL22View Results
1/18/20142014 Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NVNWL42View Results
1/18/2014Twin Cities RedeyeBloomington, MNNWL36View Results
1/17/20142014 Reno MLK - Early BirdReno, NVNWL13View Results
12/28/2013Chandler One Day Holiday PotluckChandler, AZNWL11View Results
12/15/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL13View Results
12/13/2013Cabo San Lucas IIICabo San LucasNWL14View Results
12/9/2013Cabo San Lucas IICabo San LucasNWL18View Results
12/8/2013Cabo San Lucas ICabo San LucasNWL16View Results
11/16/2013Southern Caribbean CruiseCaribbean IslandsNWL10View Results
11/17/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL12View Results
11/16/2013MadisonMadison, WINWL16View Results
11/10/2013Chandler One Day - Jacquie Stewart FarewellChandler, AZNWL14View Results
11/9/2013Twin Cities Fall TourneySt. Paul, MNNWL32View Results
11/9/2013Loveland Scrabble TourneyLoveland, CONWL21View Results
10/27/2013Fall Color-ado Late BirdDurango, CONWL14View Results
10/26/2013Fall Color-ado Main EventDurango, CONWL26View Results
10/20/2013Portland October PizzaPortland, ORNWL16View Results
10/20/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL10View Results
10/12/2013Wisconsin Dells - Main EventWisconsin Dells, WINWL55View Results
10/11/2013Wisconsin Dells - Early BirdWisconsin Dells, WINWL16View Results
9/28/2013Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZNWL20View Results
9/23/2013GRITS IVSurfside Beach, SCNWL16View Results
9/15/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL10View Results
9/7/2013ASU @ ASU IITempe, AZNWL6View Results
9/2/2013Labor Day - Late BirdPortland, OregonNWL16View Results
8/31/2013Labor Day WeekendPortland, OregonNWL40View Results
8/18/2013Mill ValleyMill Valley, CANWL25View Results
8/17/2013Fun In the Great OutdoorsPortland, OregonNWL20View Results
8/17/2013MadisonMadison, WINWL18View Results
8/7/2013WGPO Word Cup - Late BirdAurora, CONWL4View Results
8/3/2013WGPO Word Cup - Main EventAurora, CONWL97View Results
8/2/2013WGPO Word Cup - Early BirdAurora, CONWL38View Results
7/21/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL8View Results
7/13/2013LovelandLoveland, CONWL19View Results
7/4/20132013 West Coast Championship - Main EventReno, NVNWL21View Results
7/3/20132013 West Coast Championship - EB 3Reno, NVNWL14View Results
7/2/20132013 West Coast Championship - EB 2Reno, NVNWL10View Results
7/1/20132013 West Coast Championship - EB 1Reno, NVBlitz8View Results
6/15/2013Italy - Croatia CruiseItaly-CroatiaNWL18View Results
6/22/2013MadisonMadison, WINWL18View Results
6/16/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL8View Results
5/25/2013Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CANWL48View Results
5/19/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL12View Results
5/4/2013Minnesota vs Wisconsin Border BattleDecorah, IANWL26View Results
4/26/2013Rocky Mountain Rumble - Main EventDenver, CONWL20View Results
4/26/2013Rocky Mountain Rumble - Early BirdDenver, CONWL10View Results
4/21/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL12View Results
4/13/2013West LinnWest Linn, ORNWL10View Results
4/6/2013Chandler One DayChandler, AZNWL20View Results
3/23/2013Doobie's "RUBIES & NEWBIES"Minneapolis, MNNWL38View Results
3/23/2013March Madness Sweet 16Minneapolis, MNBlitz16View Results
3/23/2013Homer, AlaskaHomer, AKNWL6View Results
3/17/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL12View Results
3/17/2013LOACC TourneyLake Oswego, ORNWL14View Results
3/8/2013Son of a Beach Blanket BingoIndialantic, FLNWL16View Results
2/24/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL18View Results
2/16/2013The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - MEPhoenix, AZNWL73View Results
2/15/2013The Jim Wait Memorial 2013 Phoenix Tourney - EBPhoenix, AZNWL44View Results
1/16/2013Australia - New Zealand CruiseAustralia - New ZealandNWL12View Results
1/27/2013Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL8View Results
1/26/2013LovelandLoveland, CONWL30View Results
1/26/2013January Clearance TourneyLake Oswego, ORNWL16View Results
1/19/2013Reno MLK - Main EventReno, NVNWL45View Results
1/19/2013Twin Cities RedeyeBloomington, MNNWL36View Results
1/19/2013ASU @ ASUTempe, AZNWL10View Results
1/18/2013Reno MLK - Early BirdReno, NVNWL22View Results
12/22/2012Tucson One-DayTucson, AZNWL9View Results
12/2/2012Malaga to Rio de Janeiro CruiseSpain to BrazilNWL16View Results
12/16/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL20View Results
12/8/2012Madison Winter TourneyMadison, WINWL22View Results
11/18/2012West LinnWest Linn, ORNWL22View Results
11/18/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL16View Results
11/17/2012TucsonTucson, AZNWL14View Results
11/17/2012Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale, FLNWL16View Results
11/10/2012Twin Cities Fall Scrabble TourneyBloomington, MNNWL38View Results
11/10/2012Big Bear Scrabble TournamentOlympia, WANWL20View Results
10/21/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL16View Results
10/6/2012New England and Canada CruiseNE and CanadaNWL12View Results
10/13/201229th Annual Dells Spell Tournament - MainWisconsin Dells, WINWL42View Results
10/13/2012Denver-Boulder Scrabble TournamentBroomfield, CONWL28View Results
10/12/201229th Annual Dells Spell Tournament - EBWisconsin Dells, WINWL16View Results
9/27/2012GRITS IIISavannah, GANWL16View Results
9/29/2012Phoenix One-Day Tournament - 4 gamePhoenix, AZNWL4View Results
9/29/2012Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZNWL17View Results
9/16/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL16View Results
9/8/2012Scrabblequerque 2012Albuquerque, NMNWL32View Results
8/19/2012Mill Valley TournamentMill Valley, CANWL26View Results
8/18/2012Scrabble on the IslandVictoria, BC, CanadaNWL18View Results
8/12/2012Early Bird Gets The FunLake Oswego, ORNWL16View Results
8/4/2012WGPO Word Cup 2012Bloomington, MNNWL96View Results
8/3/2012WGPO Word Cup 2012 - EB OpenBloomington, MNNWL22View Results
7/29/2012Detroit Princess Riverboat TournamentDetroit, MINWL18View Results
7/21/2012Madison Pizza Party TourneyMadison, WINWL20View Results
7/15/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL8View Results
7/3/20122012 West Coast Championships - LBReno, NVNWL12View Results
6/30/20122012 West Coast Championships - MainReno, NVNWL47View Results
6/20/2012Norway Fjords and Iceland CruiseNorway / IcelandNWL24View Results
6/30/2012Summer Kick-Off Scrabble TournamentMinneapolis, MNNWL32View Results
6/29/20122012 West Coast Championships - EBReno, NVNWL22View Results
6/24/2012Millie Beck Memorial TournamentSalem, ORNWL22View Results
6/17/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL16View Results
6/15/2012BILingo FUNraiserBirch Island Lake, WINWL12View Results
5/26/2012Bobbie Sageser Memorial TournamentDurango, CONWL22View Results
5/26/2012Silicon Valley Showdown Scrabble TournamentCampbell, CANWL40View Results
5/20/2012PortlandPortland, ORNWL24View Results
4/22/2012PortlandPortland, ORNWL18View Results
4/22/2012Margarita MadnessFitchburg, WINWL24View Results
4/21/2012Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZNWL18View Results
4/21/2012Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZNWL4View Results
4/15/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL12View Results
4/14/2012Twin Cities Spring ScrabbleBloomington, MNNWL41View Results
3/25/2012PortlandPortland, ORNWL14View Results
3/24/2012Homer, AlaskaHomer, AKNWL4View Results
3/18/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL14View Results
3/16/2012WGPO Open Beach Blanket BingoIndiatlantic, FLNWL18View Results
2/18/2012Phoenix - Main EventPhoenix, AZNWL79View Results
2/18/2012Phoenix - CollinsPhoenix, AZCollins4View Results
2/19/2012Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL12View Results
2/17/2012Phoenix - Early BirdPhoenix, AZNWL50View Results
2/5/2012Lake OswegoLake Oswego, ORNWL24View Results
1/22/2012StantonStanton, CANWL32View Results
1/14/2012Reno MLK - MainReno, NVNWL45View Results
1/14/2012Twin Cities Redeye VIIBloomington, MNNWL38View Results
1/14/2012Reno MLK - NightReno, NVBlitz4View Results
1/13/2012Reno MLK - EBReno, NVNWL22View Results
12/18/2011Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL14View Results
12/5/2011Los Milagros - 3Los Cabos, MexicoNWL14View Results
12/4/2011Los Milagros - 2Los Cabos, MexicoNWL14View Results
12/3/2011Albuquerque, NMAlbuquerque, NMNWL12View Results
12/3/2011Waupun, WIWaupun, WINWL21View Results
12/2/2011Los Milagros - 1Los Cabos, MexicoNWL18View Results
11/20/2011Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL16View Results
11/10/2011Grand Canyon XXXGrand Canyon, AZNWL60View Results
11/5/2011Twin Cities WGPO Fall Scrabble(R) TournamentBloomington, MNNWL37View Results
10/17/2011Hawaii CruiseHawaiiNWL19View Results
10/23/2011PortlandPortland, ORNWL16View Results
10/16/2011Mill Valley TournamentMill Valley, CANWL28View Results
10/8/2011Wisconsin Dells - MainWisconsin Dells, WINWL55View Results
10/7/2011Wisconsin Dells - EBWisconsin Dells, WINWL18View Results
10/1/2011Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZNWL20View Results
9/22/2011GRITS IICharleston, SCNWL16View Results
9/18/2011Mountain ViewMountain View, CANWL16View Results
9/11/2011Linden, MI TournamentLinden, MINWL14View Results
9/10/2011Twin Cities, MNTwin Cities, MNNWL26View Results
8/26/2011Pagosa Springs OpenPagosa Springs, CONWL12View Results
8/21/2011Mountain View, CAMountain View, CANWL12View Results
8/20/2011MN vs WIBlack River Falls, WINWL30View Results
7/30/2011PortlandPortland, ORNWL14View Results
7/17/2011Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CANWL12View Results
7/8/2011Alaska CruiseAlaskaNWL4View Results
7/6/20112011 WGPO Word Cup Late BirdReno, NVNWL16View Results
7/2/20112011 WGPO Word Cup Main EventReno, NVNWL114View Results
7/1/20112011 WGPO Word Cup Early BirdReno, NVNWL46View Results
6/19/2011Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CANWL10View Results
6/5/2011Madison, WI Tournament - Late BirdMadison, WINWL10View Results
6/4/2011Madison, WI Tournament - Main EventMadison, WINWL22View Results
5/28/2011Silicon Valley ShowdownCampbell, CANWL37View Results
5/7/2011TransAtlantic CruiseAtlantic OceanNWL23View Results
5/21/2011Linden, MI TournamentLinden, MINWL14View Results
5/15/2011Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CANWL12View Results
4/17/2011Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CANWL14View Results
4/9/2011Spring Lake ParkSpring Lake Park, MNNWL22View Results
3/25/2011Galapagos CruiseGalapagos IslandsNWL6View Results
3/26/2011Fifth Annual Homer, Alaska Scrabble TournamentHomer, AKNWL6View Results
3/20/2011Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CANWL12View Results
3/13/2011Twin Cities March Madness Tournament #2Bloomington, MNNWL28View Results
3/12/2011Twin Cities March Madness Tournament #1Bloomington, MNNWL38View Results
3/5/20112011 Vancouver Scrabble(R) TournamentVancouver, BCNWL50View Results
2/27/2011Lexington, KY LCTLexington, KYNWL8View Results
2/19/2011Phoenix, AZ Main EventPhoenix, AZNWL80View Results
2/20/2011Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CANWL14View Results
2/18/2011Phoenix, AZ Early BirdPhoenix, AZNWL48View Results
2/12/2011Winter Games Portland, OregonPortland, ORNWL18View Results
1/30/2011Southern California Celebrity Scrabble TournamentStanton, CANWL45View Results
1/23/2011Mountain View TournamentMountain View, CANWL12View Results
1/8/2011Southeast Asia CruiseSoutheast AsiaNWL12View Results
1/15/2011Reno MLK Main EventReno, NVNWL80View Results
1/15/2011Twin Cities Redeye TournamentBloomington, MNNWL45View Results
1/15/2011Reno MLK Night EventReno, NVBlitz16View Results
1/14/2011Reno MLK Early BirdReno, NVNWL32View Results
1/1/2011Twin Town TussleSt. Paul, MNNWL34View Results
12/26/2010WGPO Post-Holiday Scrabble(R) TournamentSpring Lake Park, MNNWL14View Results
12/4/2010WGPO SCRABBLEFESTMadison, WINWL22View Results
12/4/2010Vancouver-Seattle ChallengeBellingham, WANWL26View Results
11/27/2010Clayton, CA TournamentClayton, CANWL12View Results
11/14/2010Local Club TournamentLexington, KYNWL8View Results
11/13/2010Twin Cities WGPO Fall Scrabble(R) TournamentBloomington, MNNWL56View Results
11/6/2010Phoenix One-Day TournamentPhoenix, AZNWL24View Results
10/24/2010Local Club TournamentLexington, KYNWL12View Results
10/24/2010Lake Oswego TournamentLake Oswego, ORNWL22View Results
10/23/2010Clayton, CA TournamentClayton, CANWL8View Results
10/17/2010Oct. Mountain View CA TournamentMountain View, CANWL18View Results
10/9/2010Charm City Scrabble TournamentBaltimore, MDNWL33View Results
9/22/2010Eastern Mediterranean CruiseEastern MediterraneanNWL19View Results
10/1/201027th Annual Dells Spell Scrabble(R) TournamentWisconsin Dells, WINWL44View Results
9/26/2010Local Club TournamentLexington, KYNWL13View Results
9/25/20102010 GRITS TournamentFolly Beach, SCNWL16View Results
9/11/2010MN vs. WI: Border Battle 2010Black River Falls, WINWL39View Results
8/22/2010Let's Go to SherwoodSherwood, ORNWL18View Results
8/22/2010Minneapolis IIMinneapolis, MNNWL24View Results
8/22/2010Local Club TournamentLexington, KYNWL17View Results
8/21/2010Minneapolis IMinneapolis, MNNWL24View Results
8/15/2010Mountain View CA TournamentMountain View, CANWL18View Results
8/14/2010South Carolina "Low Country"Bluffton, SCNWL8View Results
7/25/2010Portland, ORPortland, ORNWL20View Results
7/18/2010Local Club TournamentLexington, KYNWL9View Results
7/2/2010WCC MainReno, NVNWL105View Results
7/3/2010WGPO Thunder Bay TourneyThunder Bay, ONNWL8View Results
7/1/2010WCC EB2Reno, NVNWL32View Results
6/30/2010WCC EB1Reno, NVNWL24View Results
6/27/2010Local Club TournamentLexington, KYNWL10View Results
5/23/2010Lexington, KY Club TournamentLexington, KYNWL6View Results
5/15/2010WGPO Spokane Club TournamentSpokane, WANWL4View Results
5/1/2010WGPO MayDay TournamentBloomington, MNNWL52View Results